Tortas Ahogadas

Incredible Mexican Sandwiches with Red Chili Sauce!

What Are Tortas Ahogadas?

Tortas ahogadas literally means “drowned sandwiches.”  These are tortas (sandwiches) that are smothered in red chili sauce.  According to legend, this kind of sandwich was created by mistake when a street vendor accidentally dropped a torta into a bowl of salsa!

Make the Chili Sauce

The sauce is simple to make. Just rehydrate the chili peppers, roast Roma tomatoes, then blend them with the other sauce ingredients. 

Assemble the Tortas!

I used homemade bolillo bread and pork carnitas. But you can use storebought bread and any kind of meat you like. Birria taco meat or carne asada steak, for example!

Add Fixings

I 100% recommend homemade guacamole (so easy!), Cotija cheese, and a squeeze of fresh lime juice. Pickled red onions too!

Dig In

Serve over extra red chili sauce and add some on top too. Add your favorite Mexican cocktail on the side!