Tiramisu Cake

What is a Tiramisu Cake?

This elegant tiramisu cake is made with layers of genoise sponge cake and mascarpone cream.  The sponge cake absorbs the classic coffee and cocoa flavors of tiramisu, which is then finished off with velvety frosting. It's so good!

Simple Ingredients

This Tiramisu cake may look fancy, but the ingredients are quite simple. You probably have most of them already!

Make the Cake Batter

FIrst, make the genoise sponge cake batter. It is very easy to do.

Pour Into Cake Pans

Pour the batter into cake pans lined with parchment paper to prevent sticking.


Let the cakes cool while you make the mascarpone cream.

Make the Frosting

Whip the frosting ingredients until stiff peaks form. 

Assemble the Layers

Brush each layer with coffee, then pipe mascarpone cream in between each layer of cake. Look how fluffy it is!

Frost the Cake

Lightly frost the outside of the cake and then pipe more frosting on top. So pretty! Chill for 1 hr.

Add Cocoa

Use a sifter to dust cocoa powder all over the top of the tiramisu cake.

Dig In

Grab yourself a slice of tiramisu cake and dig go to town. This cake is so good!