Starbucks Pink Drink Recipe

What's in a Pink Drink?

It is made with your choice of milk, ice, freshly mashed strawberries,  and chilled tea. Usually, the Pink Drink is made with strawberry açaí  tea, but you can easily use your favorite kind of tea.

Add Mashed Strawberries

Mashed fresh berries and add them to your glass.

Add Chilled Tea

Pour your preferred kind of tea into your glass.

Add Juice

Next pour in some White Cran-Strawberry Juice. You can also use white grape juice.

Add Milk

Pour in coconut milk. You can also use soy milk, oat milk or regular milk. You choose!

Add Sweetner

Add simple syrup or maple syrup to taste.

Give It a Stir

Stir everything together, then add enough ice to finish filling the glass.

Start Sipping!

Add a thick boba-style straw and start sipping your homemade Pink Drink!