Super Easy Spicy Noodles

What Makes These Spicy Noodles So Good?

Affordable. No expensive ingredients here! Adaptable. Make it as hot and spicy as you like. FAST. This easy recipe is ready in 10 minutes or less. Simple. You don't need any kitchen experience to make this. If you can boil water and mix ingredients you can make these spicy noodles.

Simple Ingredients

Super easy ingredients over here! You can find everything you'll need at the regular grocery store.

Make the Sauce

Mix up all the sauce ingredients in a bowl. Then, melt some butter, then cook the garlic and scallion whites. 

Add Cooked Noodles

Add cooked ramen noodles to the butter mixture, then add the sauce and toss everything together. 

How to Toss Noodles

Use tongs or thick chopsticks to easily toss the noodles with the sauce and butter.

Dig In!

Sprinkle scallion greens on top and dig in. This spicy noodle recipe is so simple and satisfying!