Sock It To Me Cake

Easy recipe made from scratch!

What is Sock It To Me Cake?

Sock It To Me Cake is a vanilla bundt cake with a ribbon of cinnamon, pecans and brown sugar through the middle.  It's seriously delish!

Prep Your Pan

It is important to grease and flour your pan. This will help prevent your cake from sticking.

Cream Butter + Sugar

Cream the butter & sugar until fluffy, then add the eggs.

Dry Ingredients

Add the dry ingredients in batches, mixing between additions.

Assemble Your Cake

Pour some of the batter into your prepared bundt pan.

Add the Filling

Add the brown sugar and pecan filling to your Sock It To Me Cake.

Finish & Bake

Add the rest of the cake batter, then pop the whole thing into a preheated oven.

Cool & Glaze

Let your cake cool for a bit, then make a simple vanilla glaze and add it on top.

Dig In

Ta da! You just made the best Sock It To Me Cake ever. Time to grab a slice and dig in.