Homemade Rainbow Sherbet

What is Rainbow Sherbet?

Sherbet is a frozen treat that falls somewhere between classic ice cream and sorbet. Like ice cream it is creamy, and like a sorbet it is made with fresh fruit. Rainbow sherbet brings 3 different flavors together. In this case: pineapple, orange and raspberry!

Make the Flavor Bases

First you are going to use fresh fruit to make the different flavor bases. It's easy to do.

Make the Sherbet Base

Next, make the creamy sherbet base. You only need 2 ingredients for this step. 

Add the Flavors

Divide the sherbet base into 3 bowls, then mix it with your 3 flavor bases. Partially freeze in the freezer.


Layer the partially frozen sherbet flavors in a loaf pan. Then freeze overnight. :)

Ta Da!

Now you have creamy, scoopable homemade rainbow sherbet. Fancy!

Dig In

Serve with your favorite kind of ice cream cone if you prefer. Want to add toppings? Go. For. It.