Peach Cobbler Pound Cake

What is Peach Cobbler Pound Cake?

A peach cobbler pound cake is exactly what it sounds like: a tender pound cake with all the flavor of peach cobbler! This recipe is made with fresh peaches. Diced peaches are studded throughout the cakes, then sliced brown sugar caramelized peaches are on top. The cakes are finished with a drizzle maple icing.

Use Fresh Peaches

Take advantage of the peach harvest and use fresh peaches in this pound cake recipe. The flavor cannot be beat. 

Make the Cakes

This recipe makes two 9x5 pound cakes. Mix up the batter, bake the cakes, then let them cool for a bit.

Flip the Cakes

Flip the cakes onto a wire rack to finish cooling.

Add Maple Icing

Combine powdered sugar, maple syrup and heavy cream for a quick icing that's drizzled on the cakes.


Let the icing set for about an hour, then slice your peach cobbler pound cakes and dig in!