Oreo Ice Cream Recipe

Is It Hard to Make Oreo Ice Cream?

It is so EASY! There are only 4 ingredients in this recipe and you don't even need an ice cream maker. 

Crush the Cookies

Put them in a bag and crush most of them with a rolling pin. Break some others into pieces.

Make The Ice  Cream Base

Whip heavy cream, then mix it with sweetened condensed milk.

Mix In Crushed Cookies

Gently mix in the cookies you crushed in a plastic bag.


Pour the ice cream base mixed with cookies into a loaf pan. Top with more cookies and freeze.

How Long To Freeze?

About 8 hours or overnight. Then you can scoop up some creamy homemade Oreo ice cream!

Dig In

Scoop some Oreo ice cream into a bowl and dig in.