Mexican Spaghetti

What is Mexican Spaghetti?

Mexican spaghetti is an easy pasta dinner idea! It combines cooked spaghetti noodles with a hearty sauce made with taco seasoning, corn and black beans.

Make the Pasta Sauce

Cook up ground beef, then mix it with tomatoes and let it simmer.

Add Corn & Beans

Add the corn, black beans and a simple homemade taco seasoning. (Store bought works too!)

Add Spaghetti

Add cooked spaghetti pasta to the sauce and mix everything together. Stir in some cheese and let it melt.

Top with Fixings

You can add fixings at this point: Mexican crema, cilantro, even crumbled chicharron!

Dig In

Serve and dig in to your Mexican spaghetti dinner!