Easy Pambazos

What Are Pambazos?

Pambazos are a street-food sandwich prepared in Mexico City and its suburbs. They’re made with telera, a type of Mexican bread, which is a cross between bread rolls and baguettes.  Telera’s most important characteristic is its dense crumb. Without it, all the liquids and moisture from the different fillings would make the sandwich fall apart in minutes.

Simple Ingredients

You'll need telera bread, chorizo and a few other ingredients to make pambazos. 

Cook the Chorizo

Cook the chorizo, then add some cooked potatoes and cook a few more minutes. 

Make the Sauce

Next, make the guajillo pepper sauce. You can do this in advance and store it in the fridge.

Grill the Bread

Add some pepper sauce to your bread then lightly grill it. This adds tons of flavor!


Now all you have to do is assemble the pambazos with your preferred fixings.

Dig In!

Take a big bite and enjoy. :)