Harry Potter Birthday Cake

Is it hard to make a Harry Potter cake?

It is SUPER EASY. Just make two layers of chocolate cake, add pink frosting, then use a toothpick to make the "crack" from when Hagrid sat on the cake. Add some letters and you're done!

Make the Cake Base

Whip up a simple batch of chocolate cake. We'll bake it in two cake pans to make layers.

Make the Frosting

Make the frosting using basic pantry ingredients and a mixer.

Add Color

Add pink and green to the frosting. The pink will cover the cake, and the green is for the letters.

Add Frosting

Frost the top of one cake layer. Then add the other layer on top and frost the entire cake.


Add the words "HAPPEE BIRTHDAY HARRY." Make a "crack" by dragging a toothpick through the frosting.

Grab a Slice!

Cut your Harry Potter cake into slices and dig in. It's so tender & fluffy with the perfect amount of sweetness. :)