Fried Chicken Ice Cream

What is Fried Chicken Ice Cream?

Fried chicken ice cream is – thank goodness – not ice cream that tastes like fried chicken. Instead, it is an ice cream dessert that has been  made to look like fried chicken.

Shape the "Drumstick"

Freeze Kit Kat or Twix bars, then use vanilla ice cream to form a drumstick shape with the candy as the "bone."

Freeze Immediately

Work quickly and place each drumstick on a baking sheet in the freezer as soon as you have shaped it.

Dip in White Chocolate

Melt white chocolate, then dip each frozen drumstick on the chocolate.

Coat in Corn Flakes

Quickly dip the drumstick in crushed corn flakes cereal. Repeat for each drumstick, placing them in the freezer asap.


Freeze for a few hours until the "fried chicken" ice cream firms up.


Serve it in a basket like fried chicken!

Dig In

Take a big bite and enjoy your homemade fried chicken ice cream.