Super Easy Tanghulu Recipe

What is Tanghulu?

Tanghulu, also called bingtang hulu, is a popular street snack in Northern China. Nowadays, the sweet treat consists of various fruits arranged on a bamboo skewer, then dipped in a rock sugar candy coating. Traditional tanghulu features sugar-coated Chinese hawthorn, a fruit found in Asia. It’s a sweet and sour recipe that dates back to the Song Dynasty! I’ve adapted my tanghulu to include a maker’s choice of fruits easily available in the US.

Simple Ingredients

To make tanghulu you'll need your fav fruits, sugar, water & corn syrup. Also bamboo skewers. :)

Prep the Fruit, then Dip in Sugar Mix!

Add the fruit to your skewers and bring the sugar mixture to a boil. Then dip your fruit.

Be Careful!

Make sure your fingers don't get too close to the boiling sugar. It will be hot. This is where the bamboo skewers come in handy.

Let Sugar Harden

Let the candied fruit cool and harden, then start munching away!

Dig In

Tanghulu is so pretty it's perfect for parties. Just arrange the candied fruit in containers.