Huevos Divorciados

What Are Huevos Divorciados?

Huevos divorciados are a popular Mexican breakfast featuring fried eggs topped with red and green salsas, usually served on corn tortillas.  The name translates to “divorced eggs” as the eggs are separated (“divorced”) on the plate by refried beans. One half is topped by a green roasted tomatillo salsa and the other half is topped by a roasted tomato salsa. Yum!

Simple Ingredients

You can use homemade or storebought refried beans, green salsa, and red salsa. I shared recipes for all 3. :)

Make the Refried Beans

I recommend making your frijoles refritos the day before. My recipe uses frijoles de la olla from scratch. 

Make the Green Salsa

This roasted tomatillo salsa is super easy to make! Just roast the ingredients and blend. 

Make the Red Salsa

Same with this roasted tomato salsa. Roast the ingredients and blend everything up. 

Cook the Eggs

Now it's time to fry up some eggs! I like to make eggs cooked over medium for huevos divorciados.


Warm some corn tortillas, then serve with the refried beans, salsas, and eggs. Add your fav fixings!

Dig In

This hearty Mexican breakfast will fill you right up. Enjoy!