Cool Whip Cookies

What Are Cool Whip Cookies?

Cool Whip Cookies are easy cake-mix cookies made with your favorite flavor of cake mix and Cool Whip. The colors are optional but make for a fun finished product!

Make the Batter

Combine the cake mix, Cool Whip and an egg in a large bowl.

Mix Well

The batter will be nice and fluffy!

Add Colors

Divide the batter into small bowls and add your preferred colors.

Shape the Cookies

Drop dollops of colored batter onto a plate covered with powdered sugar.

Roll into a Ball

Gently roll into a ball, then transfer to your prepared baking sheets.


Bake at 350F until set. These Cool Whip Cookies will crack like Crinkle Cookies.

Dig In!

Let the cookies cook, then serve with a glass of milk.