Deviled Eggs

Make classic deviled eggs with this easy recipe!

Why Are They Called Deviled Eggs?

There is nothing sinister going on with this recipe.  The name “deviled” was used frequently in the 18th-century to describe any dish that is spiced.  But the name does bother some folks, so deviled eggs are also sometimes called stuffed eggs, dressed eggs, or Angeled Eggs.

Hard Boil Eggs

First, hard boil some eggs. The easiest way to do this is with your Instant Pot.

Make the Filling

Remove the yolks from your hard boiled eggs, then mash them up with the other filling ingredients.

Fill the Egg Whites

You can use a pastry bag with a piping tip, or a regular old spoon. Either way it will be tasty!

Add Fixings

Smoked paprika, bacon bits and chives are my favs. But there are tons of options!

Dig In!

That's it folks. Enjoy your homemade deviled eggs!