Chicken Birria Tacos

What Are Chicken Birria Tacos?

Chicken birria tacos are the chicken version of traditional birria tacos! (They're so good.) Tender chicken meat is cooked in a spicy sauce, then stuffed into corn tortillas and lightly fried.

Simple Ingredients

Some Mexican spices and a few other simple ingredients are all you'll need to make chicken birria!

Cook the Veggies

Cook up the veggies in a large pot.

Blend Them Up

Add the veggies to a blender along with some spices, then pulse until smooth.

Strain the Sauce

Use a sieve to strain the sauce and remove large chunks.

Cook the Chicken

Cook the chicken, then add the strained sauce.

Shred the Chicken

Shred the cooked birria chicken. You can use this in tacos, burritos, enchiladas and more.

Assemble the Tacos

Dip the tortillas in some of the extra sauce, then assemble your tacos. Cheese and birria are all you need.

Fry the Tacos

Briefly fry the tacos in oil until crispy.

Dig In!

Serve the cooked chicken birria tacos with consomé leftover from cooking the chicken.