Tacos Dorados

Lightly fried tacos stuffed with carne asada steak, cheese & mashed potatoes. (They're seriously good.)

What Are Tacos Dorados?

Tacos dorados are crispy tacos made with corn tortillas and fried in oil until lightly golden. “Dorado” means “golden” in Spanish.  The tortillas are warmed first to make them pliable and easy to fill, then the stuffed tortillas are pan-fried.  Last step is adding your toppings!

Make the Steak Marinade

Mix everything up in a food processor or blender, then smother your steak with it and let it rest for at least an hour. 

Cook the Steak

Cook your carne asada in a cast-iron skillet or outdoors on the grill! Let it rest for 10 min, then slice it.

Assemble the Tacos

Stuff corn tortillas with carne asada, mashed potatoes and cheese.

Fry the Tacos

Fry the tacos in oil, then serve them "de canasta" (in a basket).

Dig In!

Add your fixings! I recommend guacamole, salsa macha, lettuce & more cheese. Add birria consomé for a fancy twist!