Bolillo Bread

This fluffy Mexican bread has the perfect amount of chew and a thin crust that makes it ideal for sandwiches!

What Are Bolillos?

Bolillos are a kind of savory bread roll from Mexico.  Bolillos are similar to a French baguette and are shaped like a small football.  The word “bolillo” means “spindle,” which refers to the rolling pin that you use when making this bread. 

Make the Dough

Mix up the dough in a big bowl.  Let it rise for 45 minutes.

Cut the Dough

Cut the risen dough into 8 equal pieces using a sharp knife.

Shape Into a Disc

Shape each piece of dough into a thick circle.

Shape the Bolillo

Gently shape the dough into a traditional bolillo roll football shape. 

Second Rise

Let the shaped dough rise for 60 minutes. Then score the tops with a sharp knife and bake your bolillo bread!

Ta Da!

You just made bolillo bread! Use it for sandwiches (like tortas ahogadas) or whatever you like!