Easy Bismark Donuts!

What is a Bismark Donut?

Bismark donuts are golden fried donuts filled with cream and topped with  chocolate glaze.  The name comes from the town of Bismark in Germany,  which is where these donuts originated.

Make the Vanilla Cream

First make a simple vanilla cream and set it to chill in the fridge.

Make the Dough

Then make the donut dough and let it rise until doubled.

Shape the Donuts

Cut out your donut shape and then let them rise.

Fill with Cream

Use a pastry tip to fill your donuts with the vanilla cream.

Add the Glaze

Make a simple chocolate glaze, then dip the tops of your filled donuts in it. Let it set for a bit.

Dig In

Your Bismark donuts are now ready to eat! Enjoy their cream filled goodness. :)