Quesabirria Tacos

Crunchy birria tacos with oodles of melty Oaxaca cheese.  SO GOOD.

What Are Birria Tacos?

A birria taco is a crispy corn tortilla taco that's fried and served with dipping sauce. The tacos can be made with goat meat, mutton or beef! When you add oodles of melty cheese to the mix, a birria taco becomes a quesabirria taco.  Sometimes they are also called quesotacos!

Make the Sauce

Soften the guajillo chili peppers, then blend all the sauce ingredients together. 

Marinate the Meat

I like to let it marinate overnight so that all the flavor really gets into the meat!

Cook the Stew

The meat is braised in the oven for 3 hours. Don't rush the process! Tender, flavorful meat takes time!

Shred the Meat

Once the meat has finished cooking, shred it with two forks. It will fall right apart!

Fry the Tacos

Stuff the meat into corn tortillas, add cheese, then fry the tacos in some of the fat from the meat.

Serve with Sauce

Serve your birria tacos with some of the stew meat, using it as a dipping sauce. YUM!!