Chocolate Pancakes

These fluffy pancakes are EASY to make and SO GOOD!

Why Are These the Best Chocolate Pancakes?

These pancakes have everything you want in a stack of homemade pancakes!  They're EASY They're FLUFFY And they have the perfect amount of sweetness. 

Only One Bowl

Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl, then make a well in the center and add the wet ingredients.

Cook Your Pancakes

Scoop batter into a pan and cook until bubbles form. Then flip your pancake and cook the other side.

Check For Doneness

You can make a tiny crack with your spatula to make sure the inside is cooked. Serve "crack side down" and no one will know!

Add Toppings

I recommend going to town with your chocolate pancake toppings!

Dig In

You can serve these pancakes for breakfast or dessert! They're so good.