Homemade Beignets

These fluffy beignets are stuffed with Nutella and so easy to make. You can also use jam!

What Are Beignets?

Beignets are a kind of donut made with sweet, yeasted dough.  They are fluffy, soft, and deep-fried to a golden color before being dusted with lots of confectioners sugar. Beignet is pronounced BEN-yays. As in, there’s my good friend “Ben.” And “yays!” these donuts are so amazing my Yay is plural! :)

Make the Dough

The first thing you will need to do is make the dough. The method  is the same as for challah or any other bread dough.

Add Nutella

Once the dough has risen, roll it out, cut it into rectangles and add Nutella!

Shape the Beignets

Fold the dough over and and seal the beignets using the tines of a fork.

Fry Them Up!

Now it's time to fry your beignets! Check out my step-by-step video so you can see how to do this. :)

Top With Sugar

Dust lots of powdered sugar onto your fried beignets. Don't hold back!

Dig In!

I mean, just look at that bite.  SO GOOD. Enjoy!!