Cochinita Pibil 

What is Cochinita Pibil?

Cochinita pibil is a traditional dish from the southern coastal state of Yucatan, Mexico. “Cochinita” is one way to say “pork" and “pibil” refers to an ancient Mayan cooking method— píib.  This easy recipe makes authentic cochinita pibil right in your oven. 

What You'll Need

In addition to pork loin, spices and achiote you'll also need banana leaves. 

Make the Marinade

First, make the marinade. Good news: your blender does all the work!

Marinate the Pork

Strain & marinate the pork loin for up to 6 hours. This step adds incredible flavor!


Add the marinated pork and excess marinade to a baking dish lined with banana leaves meant for cooking.


Bake until tender, which usually takes about 2.5 hours. Then shred the pork.


Add the shredded pork and leftover cooking liquid to a skillet and cook until the meat absorbs most of the liquid.

Dig In

Serve with corn tortillas and your favorite taco fixings! You can also make pambazos with cochinita pibil.