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What is the Best Bread for French Toast?

Wondering what’s the best bread to use for French toast? If you want to make homemade French toast but aren’t sure which kind of bread to start with, here’s everything you need to know.

French toast is a classic breakfast dish that is loved by people all around the world. It’s made by dipping slices of bread in a mixture of eggs and milk, and then cooking them in a pan until they are golden brown and crispy. You can also make French toast casserole-style, by combining pieces of bread and custard in a baking dish then baking them together in the oven.

But not all bread is created equal when it comes to making French toast. Some types of bread work better than others, and choosing the right bread can make a big difference in the final result.

The Best Bread for French Toast

So, what is the best kind of bread to use for French toast? It really depends on your personal preferences and what you have available, but here are a few options to consider:

Slices of challah next to half a loaf of challah bread
Sourdough Maple-Vanilla Challah Bread


I love using challah to make French toast. This egg-based bread has a soft, tender crumb and a slightly sweet flavor. It’s also relatively dense, which helps it hold up well when soaked in the egg mixture. I have two challah recipes that make amazing French toast: honey-vanilla challah (which can be made in a loaf pan (affiliate link) for French toast,) and sourdough maple-vanilla challah.


Brioche is another great option. This rich, buttery bread is perfect for making French toast. It has a soft, fluffy texture and a slightly sweet flavor that pairs well with the eggs and milk. The high fat content of brioche also helps to keep it moist and tender as it cooks. You can make brioche from scratch (like this pumpkin brioche), or find loaves of brioche bread at most grocery stores. I usually use store bought brioche or leftover challah when I’m making French toast in a mug.


If you’re looking for something a little more rustic and hearty, sourdough bread is a great choice for French toast. Its tangy flavor pairs well with the sweetness of the eggs and milk, and the dense, chewy texture holds up well as it cooks. Sourdough bread is easy to find at the grocery store or your local bakery. If you like your slices of French toast to have a bit more structure opt for sourdough bread. It’s also a great option for overnight french toast, like this blueberry overnight French toast and this apple French toast bake.

Sandwich Bread

You can also use your favorite kind of sandwich bread for French toast. It has a soft, fluffy texture and a slightly sweet flavor that works well with most French toast recipes. If possible, buy a whole loaf and then cut it thick to prevent your slices from getting soggy after they have been dunked in the custard mixture. Kale chips below.

Should the Bread Be Stale or Fresh?

No matter which type of bread you choose, it’s important to make sure it is slightly stale before you start making French toast.

Fresh bread is too soft and will fall apart when soaked in the egg mixture, while stale bread holds up better and absorbs the liquid more evenly. To stale bread quickly, simply slice it and leave it out on the counter for a few hours (or overnight) before you begin cooking.

So Which is the Best Bread?

Overall, the best kind of bread for French toast is a matter of personal preference. Whether you prefer the richness of brioche, the tenderness of challah, the tanginess of sourdough, or the fluffy texture of sandwich bread, there is a type of bread out there that is perfect for your French toast needs. Experiment with different types of bread to find your favorite, and don’t be afraid to get creative with your toppings and add-ins!

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